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Handling and forwarding of grain in Ukrainian ports

Working with our company, you will receive professional services in transshipment and forwarding of grain cargoes through the following seaports:
• Iliichevsk
• Odessa
• South (Uzhnuy)
• Nikolaev
• Kherson


We offer the following options of grain transshipment:

Direct option railway to ship, when the handling is carried out without the use of the warehouse, during which, the shipment of goods is done from rail to sea-going vessels.

Handling of temporary quotas on storage in port terminals


znakForwarding of grain cargoes requires quick, precise and well-functioning operations. We can easily arrange operative loading cargo, the timely submission of the necessary transportation, free processing batches of any size, and continuous monitoring of the safety of the cargo.

Freight forwarding in containers

In the framework, we provide the following services port forwarding containers:

  • daily monitoring of the expected arrival of containers and control of their delivery to the port;
  • a permit for handling and storage of heavy, oversized and dangerous goods;
  • loading / unloading, transhipment of goods to other types of transportations;
  • organization of intraport operations: inspection, weighing, repacking the transported goods,
  • organization of special refrigeration equipment in the port of Odessa for the storage of perishable goods;
  • consolidation of shipments of goods at the port terminals to send one as well as several consignees;
  • obtaining the necessary permits for the export of cargo from all ports authorities, including the customs service.